The Triduum of Death

Of all of the holidays in the social life of the United States there are two that seem to be the most ubiquitous.  There is no escaping the celebrations of Christmas and Halloween.   A common lament often heard starting around the beginning of September is the presence of holiday decorations in stores as they gear up for […]

What moves matter?

During my research for my dissertation I encountered the work of the pre-Socratic philosopher, Empedocles. “Pre-Socratic” means that he lived before the time of Socrates, who appears to be a widely recognized as a philosopher of ancient Greece. Socrates lived between the years of 370 and 399 BCE. Empedocles lived from 490-430 BCE, so he […]

Incarnation of the Divine

It is generally thought by scholars that the actual date of Jesus’ birth was not deemed important. In fact, December 25th was not celebrated as Jesus’ birth until the 4th century under the reign of the emperor Constantine who had established Christianity as the official religion of the Roman empire. Such a move seems to […]


Reflections from Bone:Dying into Life by Marion Woodman “… without consciousness there is no hope for the world.” (Woodman, 2000, pg. 7) “… consciousness comes both through spirit and through matter, Jung’s psychosis archetype.” (Woodman, 2000, pg. 8) “…head consciousness does not necessarily release my body consciousness.” (Woodman, 2000, pg. 8) My reflection*: I have […]

“Bone” Finale

Reflections from Bone:Dying into Life by Marion Woodman I am posting this post in its original form as it was published in a Facebook post to the group BodySoul Rhythms – Continuing the Legacy of Marion Woodman. Final reflection on the book and this experience: I am very grateful for the experience of embarking on […]

Essence and Rainbows

Reflections from Bone:Dying into Life by Marion Woodman “In my hours with analysands, one of my strong points has been my capacity to filter irrelevancies, to listen for their essence.” (Woodman, 2000, p. 237) “… when soul is living its essence — being seen, being heard.” (Woodman, 2000, p. 237) “… this civilization is breaking […]

Inner Spirals

Reflections from Bone:Dying into Life by Marion Woodman “… We’re moving into another level of the spiral.” (Woodman, 2000, p. 232) “I am going to be late, but something in me does not care. I’m doing my best and can do no more.” (Woodman, 2000, p. 234) “Plate glass is cut-off from feeling – able […]

Individualization vs Individuation

Individuation is the psychological transformational process which is one of the hallmarks of Jungian psychology. “According to Jung, “There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the self” (Jung & Jaffé, 1989, p. 214).  It is easy to confuse individuation with individualism.  Indeed, they carry some innate similarities, as both ideas point to what […]


Reflections from Bone:Dying into Life by Marion Woodman “… archetypes as energy templates, seeds that are coded with potential energies, sacred geometry.” (Woodman, 2000, p. 34) “different disciplines converging through archetypal fields.” (Woodman, 2000, p. 227) “Dear Sophia, as I move back into the world, … Help me to open or shield sensibly.” (Woodman, 2000, […]