Welcome to this site about depth psychology! Let’s start right off with addressing that frequently asked question:

“What is depth psychology?”

Of course, the whole site will be dedicated to exploring what depth psychology is but it is good to start with something quite general.

The field of Psychology is vast and is made up of many disciplines and theorists. In speaking of depth psychology I generally position it in contrast to what I refer to as “conventional” psychology. By “conventional” I am considering the general idea that when one is speaking of psychology, one is discussing matters that have to do with mental health, the workings of the mind and the behaviors in which people engage. Conventional psychology is, simply put, psychology that is concerned with the mind and behavior. By contrast, depth psychology is concerned with the unconscious and what motivates our behavior.

I recognize that this is an extreme simplification but please bear with me and let’s just use this as a place to begin.

You are invited to add your own reflection - I look forward to hearing what you have to say:

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