Body and Spirit

Reflections from Bone:Dying into Life by Marion Woodman

Copyrighted photo by D. Bridge

“…in the “space” between, body chemistry transforms into imagery, and/or imagery transforms into body chemistry.” (Woodman, 2000, pg. 51)

“…psychoneuroimmunology…” and “… psyche and matter are two different aspects of one and the same thing. – Carl Jung””Jung knew psyche and matter were not opposites.” (Woodman, 2000, pg. 52)

“I see the pendulum of energy swinging rhythmically between the instinctual and spiritual poles. … It begins to swing too far toward the spiritual side. I am no longer interested in food or rest or responsibility. I want music, poetry, prayer, freedom. I am Ariel.”(Woodman, 2000, pg. 53)

“… the feminine as the bridge between god and humankind.” (Woodman, 2000, pg. 61)

My reflection: I am wondering if a deep understanding of psychoneuroimmunology would be beneficial for us today in the midst of this pandemic. Could we be using images as a way to boost our immunity in regards to the COVID 19 virus?My own personal experience with the swinging too far to the spiritual side is what has led to a need to reestablish a relationship with my body but to do so without losing or degrading my relationship to my spirit self. This is what has led me to the work of Carl Jung and Marion Woodman.

Woodman, M. (2000). Bone: Dying into Life. Penguin Books.

*This reflection was first published in a Facebook Group entitled BodySoul Rhythms – Continuing the Legacy of Marion Woodman

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